The internet is probably the most used product in the world that we forget it is actually a product. It has broaden human knowledge and extended our sense of communication in all its forms — being human voice, ears, and eyes, etc.

The effects it had on communication is the most noticeable because now we are all interconnected. However, with the widespread usage of social media and possibly the addiction of social media, people started looking at certain news differently.

Let me define communication in this piece — by communication I will focus on the reactions of people to positive and negative news shared on social media as they are public communication channels for anyone to use freely according to specific “guidelines”.

The echo chamber effect is a phenomenon that explains human tendency of finding topics that reinforce their ideas — the problem is when people are negatively commenting on an issue and others feed into the circle and that’s when I believe no one is happy.

Kevin Hart and Joe Rogan talk about the frustration on the internet, “It’s Not Cool to Be Positive”. The video contains a little of STRONG language

Based on my observations, a lot of people take sides very quickly and show fierce engagement when there are bad news. Let’s take an example of Tim Cook’s, Apple CEO, Twitter — he is a genius that made Apple one of the first companies ever to reach market valuation of over 1 trillion USD (some time ago but not as of now). What do people feed into his tweets? Take a look at how smart and critical people are and how many of them can run Apple way better than Tim… It is not the most extreme of examples but that’s just a simple one that doesn’t require a lot of background details

Now let’s look at it differently. People rush to take sides and argue/complain about some company or influencer (any famous person with big exposure on media), etc. some take the pro and some the con side. The focus is on the negative side where some people just love to express their negativity on any news they see even if the space where they are writing has nothing to do with what they are saying.

Do we realize how much time is wasted being negative? What about the whole Apple vs. Samsung? A lot of different opinions and disagreements and at some point discrimination, for what? Don’t those companies work together to make a phone with all its components? Or why do we attack influencers or some people for wrong-doing that actually was a mistake and they realized it but we just love keep bringing it up.

What will happen if we invested our time into being productive and doing what we actually love doing? Why companies/influencers are being productive while we waste our time fighting for something or someone that will never actually benefit us?

“Time is money. Wasted time means wasted money means trouble.”

Shirley Temple

Now that I have briefly described an issue I see widely, let’s talk about it.

  • Do you really think or attribute people’s negativity to the internet?
  • When you see negative news, do you feel it will be more welcomed and read/discussed more than the good news?
  • Does seeing someone succeed is regular but seeing someone fall is the end of the world?

Share your opinions and let’s talk!




Communication professional with a degree in contemporary communication and 8+ years of work experience in different fields and industries.

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Ehab Abaideen

Ehab Abaideen

Communication professional with a degree in contemporary communication and 8+ years of work experience in different fields and industries.

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