Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference online-only event invitation has been sent. The event scheduled on the 7th of June 2021 at 10 a.m. PDT. Usually, WWDC events are dedicated to software, but this year, according to several Apple leakers, we will see new hardware announced during the event.

If you want to be surprised, wait for the official event, but if you want to catch a quick glimpse at what to expect, read more.

Blockchain-based social medium startup, Swace, adds a new advisory member.

Swace, the first blockchain-based social media

Swace, the world’s first blockchain-based social medium built around social gaming and NFT, delightfully announces the joining of a new advisory member on their team. Swace development and unique mission and vision attracted highly reputable international advisors, Ian being the newest member on board. Ian Scarffe brings extensive experience within the Investment and Blockchain markets to support Swace business development process.

Swace is actively seeking to change the landscape of online engagement by introducing Swace app on both iOS and Android. Swace’s vision of a social medium is one that…

We live in the digital age in which most services are software digital services. One of the most revolutionary devices that transformed human life is smartphones.

According to Statista, there are 3.6 billion smartphone owners globally, expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023.

With these high numbers, we recognize the importance of a smartphone for individuals worldwide. However, times have changed since smartphones were introduced, and for that matter, since prior tech innovations were introduced.

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The Subscription-Based Age

Let’s kick this off with some questions:

  1. How do you watch your favorite movies and TV shows?
  2. How do you consume music daily and…

Swace NFT Artist Club — Join the Elites in NFT Space and Create Unmatched work

Today is a day unlike any other! We have just released our public Beta app, Swace 0.9 version. With the Swace app publicly available, you are given the proper space to use social media as a productive tool, instead of one that mostly consumes your time for not much if any rewards.

We say, Swace app is consumers’ best friend. That isn’t entirely a marketing thing to trick you. It is what we believe in. …

Swace App 0.9 Public Beta is Live! Join and Earn Crypto for Engaging With your Favorite Brands

Swace app, the first blockchain-based social engagement platform, is released in its public Beta 0.9 version for everyone, both on iOS and Android, who wants to utilize their time to earn real-value rewards from their online engagement. Alongside our Beta launch, we are offering new users three free tickets to play our three upcoming social games and earn crypto tokens, SWACE.

How to create an account?

Head to the App Store or Google Play, search for Swace, and download the app. You can also find it here for iOS and Android.

Once you have the app, register an account using one of the various options…

At Swace, we work hard every day to make the world a better place and enhance consumer experience with online content. Our hard work, has gotten us a seat at Mad//Fest to pitch our solutions.

Swace is pitching Swace app on Mad//Fest and presenting it to Marks & Spencer

We’re happy to share now that among several of great brands we have been chosen to pitch Swace for Marks & Spencer.

We’ll be in the UK pitching for M&S and other brands on 7–8 July. Additionally, the event is about networking, and so, we’ll be networking with hundreds of great employees and wonderful brands.

Along with our app launch, coming up very soon, we’ve…

Swace Monthly Scope — June 2021

This is a new series of articles that we will attempt to share monthly about all the latest happenings.

Let’s start with this month, during June, we’ve had so much work to develop the app, modify and get it approved on the App Store, and a lot more.

Let’s start with networking news.

Swace Pitching at HYPE Sports Innovation

Last week, on Wednesday, June 23, we’ve been chosen to present Swace for a jury of innovators at HYPE Sports Innovation. Prior to the pitch, we’ve submitted our application among tens others and were among the ones that made the best impressions to present Swace in more…

It has been a while since we have submitted Swace App for public Beta release. We detected issues and fixed several bugs and now, we’re here to say, we’re a few miles away. Swace app Beta is going public in the next week or so. As soon as it is approved by the hosting application stores.

Swace App launching soon with three games

The Journey

Swace takes what we’re used to, and expands it to what we should get used to. Never has come a time for great news like this moment. …

Year over year, data shows that a coherent and well-thought-out video content is among the most powerful online advertising tools. In fact, according to smallbizgenius, videos are shared 1,200% more than text and links combined!

Videos are shared 1,200% more than text and links combined

People enjoy the experience, and remember it more than they do with plain text. Additionally, videos are inherently of higher quality. No, not talking about the definition whether the video is in HD or 4K HDR. …


The internet is probably the most used product in the world that we forget it is actually a product. It has broaden human knowledge and extended our sense of communication in all its forms — being human voice, ears, and eyes, etc.


The effects it had on communication is the most noticeable because now we are all interconnected. However, with the widespread usage of social media and possibly the addiction of social media, people started looking at certain news differently.

Let me define communication in this piece — by communication I will focus on the reactions of people to positive…

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